Free Consultation: 03-5281110
Free Consultation: 03-5281110

Building or renovating a house? Bricks know them? Come and see what you can get here.

The decision to renovate or build a house? Product selections from “Antique Brick” turn a dream into reality.

One of the most important decisions of human life is constructed or alternatively renovation of the house. This is an investment which is a burden financially and emotionally, sometimes the burden is on one person and sometimes on the whole family. Choice products “Antique Brick” will lead to the realization of the vision will be reflected at the end of the renovation / construction.

The company “Antique Brick” provides services and advice not only for private clients but also to architects, interior designers, decorators and other structures. In addition, our company are held brainstorming with architects to adjust the design hottest trends today in Israel and abroad. Alongside innovation and design in nature bold, In “Brick Antique” you can find classic designs suitable for conservative customers who prefer a delicate style, with a European look. All this can be done thanks to them bricks that company imports to Israel.

Using bricks

Using bricks wall cladding and building are being refurbished home most functional way you planned. Products Corp. “Brick Antique”, exceptional quality give customers a solution on both an aesthetic and functional aspects. Our company has a unique glossy allow dealing with external and internal cladding and structural. The choice in “Brick Antique” upgrade for the renovation / construction of your both visually, and in terms of sensory quality of the ingredients is wise enough to choose with the help of experts we put at your disposal.

When you come to renovate / construct your home one of the most important elements lies in choosing the color. The bricks are characterized by our unique multi-colored, eg bricks gray, red, dark, lighter and more suitable for every character and style that you choose to cover your home, Gintcm, your business, fireplace and more. Select products “Brick Antique ” will make any fantasy a reality.

Based on which the raw material is clay tile. The use of clay is comparable end of the day your home or any other corner you choose to renovate / cover his handsome appearance, hottest, and differentiating different from the rest of the designs you’ve seen to date. The use of raw clay bricks allows to our stand very hot temperatures as well as very cold, so that the insulation level is different than what you have known until now.

Our unique slate stones will serve our clients with an internal or external cover of their choice. The use of slate characterized by low absorption level that can be used with external cladding. The use of slate stone will look warm and cozy atmosphere straight Whether you choose to cover her parts in your house or your business. Schist stone comes in many colors and different sizes, all will be adjusted to meet customer needs and complete satisfaction.

Retro Brick, Brick is given through cover internal and external areas. Brick compare the use of retro-classic look, with a rustic touch. This vacuum can be ordered in different colors according to customer demand and satisfaction. This brilliant uniform texture which adds strength and durability, the greatest advantage by not performing “takeover” the rest of your chosen design. This vacuum can be combined with other bricks, and thus enhance the unique design of your choice.

Modern Brick choice will assist in providing clean, contemporary look. Gwen customer’s needs in terms of size and standing in modern Brick choice. Brick It will compare modern look to every corner that you choose to cover.


The company “Brick Antique” specializes in importing and marketing stone cladding. Different from other companies active in this field, we have a factory in Europe produces for a variety of customers in Israel and abroad are empty and appropriate covering stones style and character currently prevailing trends in fashion dictating the stone cladding. This unique design allows our clients to their homes in Israel and in the spirit style top designs abroad. Choosing the stone cladding of “Brick Antique” will enable the realization of a dream come true and all fantasy design as such.

The choice for quality products that meet world will compare your property and classy touch that will Carnot. Products “Antique Brick” allow construction and renovation, which will provide a unique end aesthetic touch feature projects with a European spirit. The choice in bricks will expand the possibilities to combine different styles in one place, the contribution expectations and design of the house will rise tenfold with bricks cladding of choice in design.

What are bricks

What are bricks

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