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Free Consultation: 03-5281110

Stone interior and exterior cladding

Are you looking for cladding stones for your home or business? You came to the right place. “Brick Antique” offers a wide range of stone cladding both for interior wall cladding, both for internal and external wall cladding and other surfaces inside or outside the building. Cladding stones are one of the hottest trends that exist today in the field of design and interior design houses. Architects, interior designers and many homeowners who have discovered the many advantages of this trend and know how to exploit its potential in a maximum, manage to insert through the building and into the magical atmosphere and unique and interesting design. “Brick Antique” has a wide variety of stone cladding textures, styles, colors and many shapes and create the ideal look both outdoors and in different areas within it.

Stone cladding – great design potential trend

Many people in process of building a house, new home or remodeling an existing home, discovering the potential of a trend that cover external and internal walls. Through the Looking Glass and unique design that can be created using stone facade, there are also features contracting functionality with high resistance to abrasion and wear, stability and other properties for which the use of cover has become so common.Stone cladding

There are a wide variety of cladding stone steps of different thickness, different colors and different designs, each of the stones suitable for design purposes, such as exterior cladding and interior cladding typically use the types of rocks with different thickness degree.

In order to achieve maximum results in terms of design and quality, it is important to buy from a quality stone cladding that will provide you a variety of stones in different styles to meet your goal. “Brick Antique” sells many types of stone cladding, which meet all of the target as such.

Next step installation

After picking stone cladding system ideally suited to what you are looking for, comes the stage to perform for you to find installs the installation of the casing. Stone cladding is a complex process that requires professionalism and expertise so it is important to choose the professionals and to choose the right man to carry out the work. When choosing a practitioner, you should make sure that the person or company actually experience and knowledge of the stone facing specific type of stone you use to cover it. You can even ask him, see previous work of the stone facing them performed. If you choose correctly, you can get the same professional full tutorial on how to maintain the stone and generally enjoy a good quality installation that you will enjoy it for many years. As stated, the importance of the quality of the installation is significantly important to the overall appearance which can be obtained through stone cladding and for precisely this reason, it is important to invest in choosing a professional who can help for a perfect look of the exterior or interior cladding in accordance with your will and your needs.