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Free Consultation: 03-5281110

Stone cladding wall – excellent insulation

In recent years, private people joined the architects and designers to discovery the potential of stone cladding wall in his unique design and attractive stone cladding wall.

Stone cladding wall is also used for cladding interior walls and cladding external walls, both cases can be achieved by using effects amazing designs and stunning, of course, along with functional benefits many of the stone as raw materials, such as insulation level of its high against the cold and heat and resistance to noise and moisture.Stone cladding wall

Stone cladding is the ideal solution for architects, designers and homeowners who want to provide a structure or spaces in which they live and unique look attractive and creating a warm and cozy atmosphere to any space everywhere.

“Brick Antique” is an established company with a brick manufacturing plant in Europe. The company specializes in marketing bricks and decorative products for wall cladding and a variety of other uses. The company’s products can help you create a magical and unique space that perfectly meets your needs and your personal taste.

The many advantages of stone cladding

No one who knows the qualities of the stone manifested its strength, its stability, its impressive appearance and its durability over the years. Stone cladding can customize and integrate with any structure and any space in the home or business. Beyond the many qualities of the stone, using the latest technology can make stone cladding in a variety of colors and textures, thus creating a unique look, upgraded and artistic. Another advantage of the stone facing is the fact that in most cases such coatings is carried out without leaving fugues or spaces between the various tiles and it keeps the natural look and beautiful cover.

So if you want to enjoy the abundance of stone cladding wall benefits? You came to the right place. “Antique Brick” offers you, the types of bricks in a variety of colors and textures, all the company’s products quality and European standards. So, with a white “Brick Antique” and by choosing a professional installer you can enjoy all the many advantages and attractive stone cladding of your private home.

Stone cladding wall – different types of cover

There are a variety of types of stone facing, is important to be aware of as well as the differences between them, before making the cover. The differences between these types lie mainly on the type of stone, processing and the level polishing it passed. The fundamental difference most will express the exterior cladding and interior, while the exterior is highly rated on the thickness and strength of the stones in order to maintain a level of isolation of the wall, covering internal use stones minutes and finer, so as to make it easier to catch them and create the look sought within the space.

“Brick Antique” offers a wide range of types of stone suitable for both exterior and interior. Choose from a wide selection of patterns and styles thickness and texture different from the ones that best fit the type of cover that you make.