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Slate is a type of natural rock stone was allegedly particularly significant features of strength and stability. There are a variety of uses including slates stone: stone cladding, flooring and design apart brick walls inside the house. Slate is a kind of layered stone, which can be found in nature in different regions.
Another feature of the slates, which makes its use particularly popular in design lies in the fact that you can shape it easily and make you especially attractive sights. Available in a variety of shades, slates and mainly black, gray, cream, turquoise, red and a range of other unique colors. Another positive feature of slates are reflected in the ability and high resistance to absorption of the slate. This feature means that many users also used for slates roofing.

If you too want to enjoy the benefits many design design using slate as well as the functionality qualitative her, reached the right place B”brik Antique “offers you slates stones in a variety of colors and textures that can be perfect for both flooring and external cladding, they cover internal flooring or for any other design garden you are interested in stone slates.

Slate – The ideal solution for home design
As mentioned above, it is possible to obtain blocks of slates in a variety of colors, textures and shapes, and create an attractive appearance through unique and each space both at home, both in office and any other structure.
Slate can put warm and pleasant atmosphere structure and fit beautifully in any space and in any kind of design.
To get the most out of design results and it is important to choose the right shade of slates stones and form an ideal fit design that you want to create the kind of atmosphere that you want it broadcast.

After selecting the slates and its installation, it is important to understand the way of maintenance recommended slates, since the use of detergents of different types can cause destruction of the stone to keep it in the initial state for many years should avoid making mistakes of this kind and try to keep it as much as possible.



Slate – each with its design

As mentioned, all those who seek raw materials in order to cover walls or other design goals, very quickly discover the slate and various advantages. Slate walls of the house are perfect for both flooring, external cladding for the construction of walls and roofs in. The Slate comes in a variety of styles, colors, tones and textures, allowing the optimal choice from the selection offered. Slates can be created using a rough surface, rough or smooth surface and subtle, depending on the customer’s choice and form that blends best with the overall design of the space.
B”brik Antique “you will find a variety of shades and slate stones in different colors and other types of bricks, with which you will get results of attractive and unique design, yet also create a cozy, comfortable and unique.