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Free Consultation: 03-5281110

Dis Assembled Bricks adorn the entrances to houses, living rooms, bedrooms, home of the external walls and support columns. Design houses that are integrated which Bricks adds luxury and modernity. They dis assembled bricks white of old houses from Europe who were part of the design houses in Europe for many years. European houses were built using these Bricks. Many houses were left bare wall whitewashes or photos often for budgetary reasons. These houses have inspired many painters and artists that brought the usual home of art that creates so many designers were exposed to new ideas. Today, ironically, house walls plastered and sad Bricks inspired to create a bare wall. These designers empty walls of many people in need of touching the wall Bricks old Europe to become modern and contemporary.Dis Assembled Bricks

Dis Assembled Bricks authentic

Dis Assembled Bricks from Europe come from building sites where houses are demolished or disassembled foundation to build new homes are built higher quality and safety. Although old houses have been built with Bricks with cement but their foundations are not strong enough and most of the old houses are demolished to build high-rise buildings. While demolishing homes that are empty are broken but not destroyed, sold to marketers and wholesalers who sell them on the world markets to design a new wall cladding. Bricks are not one of these colors, there are a variety of Bricks Disassembled their attendance. Cabled himself cut a few pieces of white comes so broad and is intended to cover thin walls of the house inside and outside. Unlike the wide variety of brilliant hues size usually is a standard size in most types brilliant. Although there is no possibility of a wide range of sizes but it does not affect home design evil and mostly it contributes to a significant design and modern luxury.

Dis Assembled Bricks for home

Throughout the house Bricks can be integrated into the magnificent living room, bedrooms and kitchen light partitions and covering walls of the house. Designers and architects combine partially Bricks in order to emphasize the beauty of the house is the most important part of designing it. Bricks added to the room luxury and beauty to boast about. Bricks of different colors can Lhatzb any part of the house. If you have white walls can combine blank white wall decorate the wall TV wall molded part pale and beautiful. There are a lot of options but I will mention one other possibility that a brown design details. Houses are surrounded by a high wall details that can be integrated with Dis assembled Bricks. The feeling of a beautiful home does not begin inside the house or in the garden, she starts first look we see the house and private houses watching them from outside and all the details of his design. So in order to design the outer walls of the house Dis assembled Bricks