Free Consultation: 03-5281110
Free Consultation: 03-5281110

Bricks, give your home a character

The wall cladding trend continues to grow and using brick is one of the most attractive ways to do it.

Antique bricks add a unique & designed look to any wall.

Do you want to see how brick will change your house and make it an amazing sight? Watch the video that shows our selected projects. Wait until the end of the video and you will understand:

Alongside its unique design, brick also fulfill their functional role in the best way. Building with bricks is a quality, stable and strong construction that also helps create acoustic insulation of the house and Compliance with all the weather conditions.

So if you are looking to upgrade the space outside or inside of your house with bricks and enjoying the various benefits they entail, you have reached to the right place. Brick Antique, offers you a variety of bricks, decorative, unique, high quality and in fair price that will meet all of your needs the best.

The different types of bricks

Anyone looking for bricks will discover very quickly that there are several different types of brick, each has its own uniqueness and advantages. The first type is dismantled bricks, these are usually houses bricks dismantled in various European countries and hence the classic, unique European looks. Some are more ancient then others. Dismantled bricks have a large range of colors and roughness, as to fit to your personal taste and the interior design of your home.

Another type is bricks with antique look. It’s made of natural stones imported from various places. Although it is a new brick, it looks antique in order to maintain an attractive and beautiful design level.

Brick Antique offers you bricks with different levels of thickness ranging from 5 to 23 centimeters, with which you can create different types of unique and very impressive walls and attractive shapes.

You will find a wide selection bricks with different shades, like red hues of different types, shades of gray, yellowish tones and other colors. You can choose whichever color that fits best with your home and help create the look and feel which you desire.


So why are bricks?

Alongside many design benefits of bricks and wall cladding, with which you can create various types of impressive and unique works such as stone benches, a unique cellar and every other element that you wish, Brick is considered strong and highly resistant to various weather conditions. They create a high level of acoustic insulation where they are installed and retain their initial appearance for many years. So if you want to enjoy all these benefits, along with distinctive looks and the hottest trend, order today- Brick. Brick Antique specializes in import and marketing of brick in retro and modern designs and Slate or silicate stone cladding. This is the address for those wishing to cover their empty walls and insert attractive, high-quality designs to their home or business. You can choose the type, size and processing form of the stone to suit your needs and your tastes.

How do you reach us?

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