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Free Consultation: 03-5281110

This architectural concrete tiles unique thing that any company or any architect can design a special tiles personal liking for them or for their customers. Every designer or architect has his own approach to art and all concrete tile can be an original design which distinguishes the design of a house or other structure to another. Designers concrete tiles in the floor of the house which is more modern upscale atmosphere to any space or an existing structure which floor is paved with concrete tiles.

Antique Brick Company specializes in importing and marketing concrete tiles designed for the purposes of any home or business that needs an extra luxurious design. The company has a large selection of examples of interior designers or architects can choose from the largest selection of concrete tiles have to design the next project for their high quality and prestigious.

Concrete tiles in a house

Concrete tiles come in any shape or color. Antique Brick Company can provide original design according to the client’s request. Each part of the house or outside can be a different flooring. In many homes the living room is different flooring in the bathroom flooring tiling modified modified garden paving way. Each cavity structure must be labeled with the concrete tiles that suit them. To match the tiles in their place please consult with our experts at Brick Antique and show examples of existing concrete tiles before inviting the entire amount. You can create this demo you illustrate how the flooring of your house will look after the formation of concrete tiles throughout the house.

Concrete tiles Preparation

Preparation involves concrete tiles production process simple and effective. Any concrete tiles create their own template, this template contains concrete tile size and shape that shape it. In a pattern that forms concrete tiles made of copper and spelled creating the differences between the tile to tile. You can create any designer or architect’s design has its own concrete tiles. With copper can achieve a level of precision height. This precision allows designers to design a high-level tiles and concrete tiles create a luxurious.

Antique Brick concrete tiles have a variety of high quality and superior precision adding any space designed to be suspicious of such a prestigious and concrete tiles, paving stones, stepping stones, concrete and wood-like sinks.