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Free Consultation: 03-5281110

Questions & Answers empty

1. What can be assembled blank walls?
The shiny walls can also be installed foreign and interior walls.

2. What is the filler between the bricks?
Fill the whites called “Cohla”. You can purchase these bags ready stores of building products in a variety of colors (white, ivory, cream, gray).
Also, component can prepare “Hcohla” with: Cement white / gray, sand and Biggie Bond.

3. What types of existing empty?
Brick dismantling – Articulation arrived empty old buildings in Europe.
Brick industrialized – empty produced in factories around the world and in Israel, with antique or modern look.
Natural Brick – Brick natural ore factory worker and was cut in stone. For example, Troontin, Basalt.

4. How brilliant is recommended to install?
In order to obtain a wall with a very unique and prestigious – Install the brilliant
With intervals of about – 1.5 cm, and using the “criss-cross” between the lines.

5. What is “cleared”?
Is just that, an element in the form of the letter “R” for a 90-degree corners, for example: p.

6. Is it necessary to apply a “sealer” on shiny?
Brilliant very low absorption capacity of water and there is no need to apply a “sealer” on them, but if installed where there is any concern that substances can reach as behind the stove in the kitchen.

7. What are the benefits of brilliant?
Apart from the walls provide brilliant design and overall look of your home interior / exterior,
Whites are an excellent insulating material is thermally and acoustically and does not require regular maintenance.

8. What measures has brilliant of our society?
A. 5 * 23 cm thickness of about 2 cm.
B. 8 * 18 cm thickness of approximately – 2 cm.
C. 6 * 19 cm thickness of about 1 cm.
D. 6.5 * 22 cm thickness: 2 cm, 3.2 cm.
God. 10 * 22 cm thickness: 2 cm, 3.2 cm.

9. What are the delivery times?
Supply is up to 10 days of booking.

10. What are the opening hours of the exhibition?
Every weekday between 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m..
Friday, 09:00 to 12:30.
Anyway – you may want to call and make an appointment.

11. How bright are provided?
Up to the amount of 20 meters, brilliant supplied in cartons (half a meter per box).
A large amount that comes loose in the area.

12. How do you calculate the amount per square foot?
Meters of bright includes the intervals (intervals) between brilliant.
Multiply width * height of the wall, and we do the calculation for the size cabled:
Size 5 * 23 6 * 19-72 pieces per square meter.
If 8 * 18-52 pieces per square meter.
6.5 * 22-60 pcs.
10 * 22-32 pcs.

13. How is transportation?
If the amount is up to 8 meters, you can load up the car (depending on the size cabled).
The large number that should be coordinated transport (fees apply separately to the carrier), when it is important to know whether a truck with a crane should or truck with a ramp that lowers the closest to a (different costs).

14. What is the price brilliant? Can I buy blank / white cheap?
Our brilliant price is cheap, reasonable and fair. Compare prices and you will see. We receive many such questions: “How much are empty?” Or “How much will it cost to set up a blank wall size X?”. Well the price is derived from many factors: the type of glossy, quality, dimensions, thicknesses and quantity brilliant.

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